• VoIP considerations

  • Posted on November 25, 2016
  • As one looks into the option of VoIP calling -- or using their internet connection for phone services -- there are a few things to consider before diving into use of the service. First and foremost, ease of use. Although cell phones provide portability 24/7, VoIP calling from companies such as Net-Tell LLC make home dialing swift, easy and simple compared to other home-based services, such as traditional landlines. VoIP also offers phone number portability, connection to any internet provider and use of any approved hardware. Second, cost -- costs with VoIP are typically minimal. Net-Tell has two packages to choose from based on minute allotment and features, both under $30 per month, and requires minimal setup fees. Costs with VoIP are little in comparison to other calling programs and include numerous features, such as long distance and digitized offerings.

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